The store is known for serving a broad range of patrons, from schools and artists to families and individuals passionate about music. With its rich history dating back to 1900, Jacobs Music has established itself as a reputable destination for piano enthusiasts, offering not only instruments but also expertise and a commitment to fostering a love for music in the community.

Wilmington, Delaware, embraces a dynamic music culture, and at the heart of this scene lies Jacobs Music, catering to a diverse array of patrons, including schools, artists, families, and more. Located on Concord Pike (Route 202) at the Concord Square Shopping Center, Jacobs Music's showroom stands as a beacon for those seeking the perfect piano. Whether it's providing instruments for educational institutions to nurture budding talents, supporting artists in their musical endeavors, or helping families find the ideal piano for their homes, Jacobs Music in Wilmington is a hub of musical excellence. With a commitment to quality and a passion for fostering a love for music, Jacobs Music contributes to the harmonious atmosphere that defines Wilmington's rich musical environment.

Adjacent to Giant on route 202 in the Concord Square Shopping Center, Jacobs Pianos in Wilmington, Delaware is Delaware and Southeast Pennsylvania's piano superstore. There is no sales tax is due for sales delivered to your home in Delaware. The most informed, respected manufacturers have selected Jacobs Pianos. There's no better reason to purchase your instrument from Jacobs Pianos. We offer a large selection of new and previously owned piano including a wide selection of pianos for rental.


4423 Concord Pike

Wilmington, DE 19803

Monday - Saturday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Sunday Closed