Roland Digital Grand Pianos at Jacobs Music

The Roland GP609 Digital Grand Piano stands at the pinnacle of musical innovation, effortlessly blending tradition with cutting-edge technology. This exquisite instrument offers a grand piano experience that is truly unparalleled. With a combination of advanced technology and an authentic playing feel, the GP609 caters to every type of player, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Its luxurious design and meticulous craftsmanship make it a visual masterpiece, while its impressive sound quality and responsive keyboard mechanism ensure a sublime playing experience. The GP609 is not just a piano; it is an embodiment of musical sophistication, inviting pianists to explore their creativity and express themselves with unmatched depth and nuance.

What sets the GP609 apart is its ability to harmonize the classical grand piano cabinet design with the latest sound engine, creating an immersive and inspiring musical environment. Its enhanced multi-channel speaker system fills the room with rich, resonant tones, replicating the grandeur of an acoustic grand piano. Additionally, the GP609 offers a variety of digital advantages, including onboard tutorial features and Bluetooth connectivity with music apps, providing endless opportunities for learning and creativity. Whether used for practice, performance, or recording, the Roland GP609 Digital Grand Piano stands as a testament to Roland's commitment to excellence, offering a piano experience that is both timeless and transformative.




If you need convincing that technology and tradition can coexist, take a seat at the Roland GP609 Digital Grand. This luxurious instrument offers every type of player a sublime grand piano experience, fusing advanced technology and authentic playing feel with classic grand piano cabinet design. Be inspired by an instrument that combines the latest sound engine with a brand-new keyboard mechanism, enhanced multi-channel speaker system and a variety of digital advantages – along with stunning sounds that will spark great performances for years to come.