At Jacobs Music, our commitment to service sets us apart. In an era where customer focus often wanes after a sale, Jacobs Music remains dedicated. Not only do we boast the largest piano service team in the country, but we also deliver the utmost in service quality. Each day, we extend our expertise to cater to the needs of the most discerning artists worldwide, servicing pianos at renowned venues like the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, the Academy of Music, the Mann Music Center, and McCarter Theatre at Princeton University. Our responsibility extends to esteemed institutions such as Princeton University, The Academy of Vocal Arts, Chestnut Hill College, Immaculata University, The College of New Jersey, Rider University, Rowan University, and countless others.

Furthermore, we provide this same level of exceptional service to over 10,000 homes annually. Whether your piano has been awaiting a tune-up for years or you seek to enhance your current piano service experience, give us the opportunity – satisfaction guaranteed.

Jacobs Music excels in managing all facets of piano tuning and repair, from routine issues like sticking keys to the intricacies of concert voicing and regulation. Our extensive team of technical experts, trained intensively, including at Steinway's factory, ensures that each technician is equipped to meet your service requirements to the highest standards.

Routine tuning, recommended at least twice a year, is essential for every piano. Instruments subject to heavy use or placed in environments with varying temperature and humidity levels may require more frequent tuning. Beyond tuning, our technicians conduct a thorough evaluation of your piano, highlighting any additional service needs. Whether it's a pitch correction, voicing adjustment for tone refinement, regulation, or any other service, our technicians consistently exceed expectations. In many cases, these repairs can be seamlessly integrated during your scheduled tuning appointment.

Our elite team of technicians extends their expertise to major music venues, universities, schools, and houses of worship across the area. Regardless of whether you purchased your piano from Jacobs or elsewhere, our technicians are dedicated to preserving and enhancing its condition, ensuring years of musical enjoyment for you and your family.

To schedule your piano tuning, please fill out the form below or call us at (267) 479-4642. Trust Jacobs Music for unparalleled piano service, delivering excellence that resonates for years to come.



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