Steinway Floor Template

Steinway Floor Templates

A STEINWAY & SONS grand floor pattern will help you decide on the STEINWAY best for you. Request a floor pattern below.

Imagine the elegance of a Steinway & Sons grand piano gracing the rooms of your home. With our comprehensive selection of grand piano sizes, finding the perfect fit for your space is easier than ever. From the compact Model S (155 cm) to the majestic Model D concert grand (274 cm), we offer a diverse range of options to suit your musical and spatial needs.

Our exclusive Steinway grand piano floor pattern provides a visual representation of each piano model's dimensions, allowing you to envision how it will complement your home decor. Whether you're considering the intimate charm of the Model S or the commanding presence of the Model D, our floor template allows you to visualize the proportions and placement of each instrument.

Experience the versatility of our grand piano lineup by requesting our complimentary Steinway grand piano template. By cutting the different models to size within the template, you can compare and contrast their dimensions to find the ideal fit for your living space. Contact us today to request your free template and take the first step towards bringing the timeless beauty of a Steinway grand piano into your home.


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