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The area's exclusive Steinway dealer, plus Steinway-designed Boston and Essex pianos, and Roland digitals. Jacobs Music’s Steinway Selection Center is home to a large selection of New, Pre-Owned and Authentically Restored Steinway & Sons pianos which is second to none.

Nestled in the heart of New Jersey, Princeton exudes a rich cultural tapestry, including a vibrant music scene that embraces the soulful resonance of pianos. Renowned for its intellectual prowess, Princeton resonates with a diverse community of music enthusiasts and performers. The town hosts various events and concerts, showcasing the versatility of pianos across different genres. From classical recitals at Jacobs Music and historic venues and to jazz performances in contemporary spaces, Princeton's music environment for pianos is dynamic and inviting. The town's commitment to the arts creates an atmosphere where piano enthusiasts can appreciate the instrument's beauty and the harmonies it weaves into the cultural fabric of Princeton.

With over 50 Steinway and Steinway-designed pianos in our Steinway Selection Center, located adjacent to Staples in the Whole Foods shopping center in Princeton, NJ, you are sure to find the perfect Steinway for your home or institution. Our Steinway experts work closely with the Steinway & Sons factory in Astoria, New York and are up to date with the latest Steinway pianos available. We have the largest and most skilled technical staff to ensure that the Steinway piano that you purchase from Jacobs will be well cared for decades to come. No other piano retailer is as committed to servicing the hundreds of touring Steinway Artists as well as the piano for your home. We also have a recital space with an onstage Steinway Model B.


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