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STEINWAY & SONS believes the piano is the heart of every fine home. An expression of timeless elegance, style, and beauty — every Steinway is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a consummate work of art.

With a wide range of styles and models Steinway specializes in working with the interior design community to match the world’s finest musical instrument to the inspiration of their clients dynamic homes. Steinway will create one-of-a-kind pianos in unique colors or finishes to match any design plan. We can even match a Pantone swatch. Whether it’s a subtle difference, such as the all-silver hardware of the Sterling Steinway, or a more eye-catching statement like a Red Pops Steinway, we invite you to design a custom piano that best suits your client’s home and style.


Connect with a STEINWAY Sales Representative virtually from your home to see what a STEINWAY & SONS Grand Piano would look like in your home. Figure out the best size grand piano for your space from your living room. Our Sales Representative can join you in your home or join your virtually.