Eric Fung

Eric Fung

Lebanon Valley College
Lebanon Valley College recital room

ANNVILLE, PA – Reliable allies in worldclass concert halls, teaching studios, living rooms and open-air festivals like Tanglewood and Aspen, Boston pianos are catching the ears of another market segment – audiophiles.

When music professionals at Lebanon Valley College went shopping for a new piano to accommodate student recordings, Barry Hill had specific qualities in mind. “Consistent, bright, clear sound is important for a recording studio considering the wide range of music styles that a piano needs to serve,” explains the director of the Audio and Music Production program. “I listen for a deep, clean low end that’s not muddy, along with a crisp treble.”

Jim Strite, director of institutional sales at Jacobs Music, suggested a Boston Grand Performance Edition II, specifically a GP-178 that would fit the bill in terms of space and sound. Because of its wide tail design, the 5-foot -10-inch grand can fit in tight spaces yet provide the power, richness and feel of playing a larger instrument.

The search was over.

“This Boston is beautiful and it’s perfect for our studio,” says Hill. “The quality construction, great sound and solid reputation for longevity made it an excellent choice for us. Plus, it balanced well within our budget.”

A liberal arts college founded in 1866, Lebanon Valley offers music students access to four state-of-the-art recording studios and 15 audio-related courses. A highly-flexible program offers bachelor’s degrees in Audio and Music Production, Music, Music Education and Music Business.

Dr. Eric Fung, associate professor of music, brings international flavor and a wealth of experience to Lebanon Valley as a teacher and performer. He holds a doctorate from the Juilliard School, two master’s degrees and an undergraduate degree from Eastman School of Music.

Dr. Fung gets the greatest satisfaction seeing his students grow in musicality, improve their technique and deepen their understanding of music. “What motivates me is seeing a student’s eyes light up after they play and say ‘Yes, I can hear that beautiful legato’ or ‘Wow, I can really hear that inner voice.’ I am truly gratified in perhaps helping them achieve something they had not thought possible.”

A solo and chamber musician that the Hong Kong Economic Review called “unique among contemporary Chinese pianists,” Dr. Fung is a Steinway Artist. He is most grateful for the artistic opportunity to take his audiences on unchartered musical journeys: “It is exceptionally satisfying if I am successful in showing them something new or unexpected, be it a hidden motive, an expressive inner voice or simply a breath-taking nuance.”

Above all, Dr. Fung cherishes his relationship with Jacobs Music. “Jim Strite is instrumental in facilitating the purchase of many instruments at Lebanon Valley and I always admire (Senior Vice President) Bob Rinaldi’s energy. He is a selfless and passionate promoter of music. Bob not only brings music to people who can afford and have the freedom to go to concerts, but he takes music to people who are confined to hospitals and nursing homes.”

“I am inspired by him!”