Steinway Teague Sketch Grand Piano

The Steinway Grand Piano, THE TEAGUE SKETCH IIII, stands as a timeless masterpiece of mid-century modernism, capturing the essence of an era marked by innovation, simplicity, and functionality. Designed by the renowned American industrial designer and architect Walter Dorwin Teague, this piano was created to commemorate STEINWAY's 100th anniversary in 1953.

THE TEAGUE SKETCH IIII is a true embodiment of mid-century modern design philosophy, as coined by Cara Greenburg in her seminal book. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic echo the post-World War II landscape, where form followed function, and embellishments were eschewed in favor of practicality. The piano's design pays homage to the era's architectural and technological advancements, reflecting a period when sleek, unadorned elegance was highly prized.

What makes THE TEAGUE SKETCH IIII truly remarkable is its incorporation of vibrant pops of color and a deep connection with nature, adding a refreshing twist to the mid-century modern aesthetic. These elements not only infuse the piano with visual interest but also create a harmonious balance between the man-made and the natural world. This celebration of color and nature within the confines of mid-century modern design principles makes THE TEAGUE SKETCH IIII a standout piece, a testament to Steinway's commitment to artistic innovation and a tribute to the enduring legacy of mid-century modernism in the world of design and music.



American industrial designer, architect, illustrator, man of letters and entrepreneur Walter Dorwin Teague (1883 - 1960), a classicist and traditionalist, was a critical figure in the spread of mid-century modernism in America. Teague's designs were exhibited at the 1939 New York World's Fair, and his lasting influences include work for Eastman Kodak, Ford, Polaroid, and, of course, STEINWAY.


Simple and sophisticated, THE TEAGUE SKETCH IIII comes in a dark-walnut veneer or a satin ebony finish, with a simplified case, tapered legs, tailored arms, and subtle brass ferrule accents. Available as a model M (the STEINWAY "studio grand"), THE TEAGUE SKETCH IIII is a natural fit in mid-century styled homes and in contemporary styled décors.

THE TEAGUE SKETCH IIII is also a STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO, the world's finest high resolution player piano. A masterpiece of mid-century modernism and modern engineering in your home, SPIRIO enables you to enjoy performances captured by great pianists - played with such nuance, power and passion that it is utterly indistinguishable from a live performance.



5' 7" (170 CM)

57 3/4" (147 CM)

606 LBS (275 KG)

Available in Ebony Polish, Ebony Sating & Walnut

With THE TEAGUE SKETCH IIII, STEINWAY is delighted to marry Henry STEINWAY'S timeless aesthetic and legacy of innovation to that of the peerless Walter Dorwin Teague.