Steinway Model D Grand Piano

The Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano stands as a true masterpiece in the world of grand pianos. At 8'11¾" (274 cm) in length, it is the pinnacle of piano craftsmanship, renowned for its exceptional power, resonance, and unparalleled tonal range. This majestic instrument has become the gold standard for concert stages, prestigious venues, and accomplished pianists worldwide. With meticulous attention to detail and the finest materials, each Steinway Model D is a work of art, meticulously handcrafted to perfection.

Its exceptional responsiveness and rich, expressive sound make it the instrument of choice for musicians seeking to convey their deepest emotions through their music. The Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano epitomizes the legacy of excellence established by the Steinway & Sons brand, making it an enduring symbol of musical brilliance and a timeless treasure cherished by generations of musicians and music lovers alike.






Bridges & Pinblock


Cast Iron Plate

"Once you start playing on a Steinway Model D, then you play differently. They are a different animal. And that is a privilege to have."


Steinway Artist




Length: 8' 11¾" (274 cm)

Width: 61¾" (156 cm)

Net Weight: 1,064 lbs (483 kg)


5 solid spruce braces with a volume of 2,907 cu. in. (47,637 cm3); Spruce provides tensile strength with less weight.

Maple dowels fasten braces to rim producing a single homogenous foundation upon which is built the entire tonal component. A cast iron treble bell, affixed to rim's underside at treble bend, holds plate firmly in position by means of a steel bolt. The STEINWAY & SONS iron wedge anchors brace ends securely to crossblock assuring permanent rim posture.


Overstrung; combination agraffe; Front AND rear duplex.

Tension: 45,373 lbs. (20,418 kg)


Made from durable, resinous sugar pine to assure strong and constant support of string down-bearing on the soundboard; rib ends are hand-fitted.


Premium blued steel; rust-resistant, nickeled heads


Treble: twelve whole & one-half sizes from high-tensile Swedish steel.

Bass: Swedish steel core wire wound with pure copper.

Longest: Agraffe/bridge: 79¼" (201 cm)


Premium wool top felt and under felt; treated to resist insects and moisture. Compression-wired to maintain permanent shape. Hornbeam hammer moldings and shanks.


Horizontal-cut premium wool for effective dampening with maple heads for endurance.


European spruce, individually weighed-off. Chip-proof, stain-resistant coverings for naturals; slip-proof, abraded ebonized sharps. Durable Linden wood buttons reinforce keys over balance rail, permitting maximum tonal power with every strike. Longest key: 24½" (62.2 cm).


Made from planks of quarter-sawn spruce. Horizonal and vertical birch planks present a vented system for humidity escapement. Crowned and reverse-crowned action frame gives a snug fit, intensifies key movement and prevents "slapping" during heavy playing. Large maple dowel ends provide a solid mount for adjustable brass touch-regulating screws. Thickness: 1¾" (4.45 cm).


Heavy, solid brass. Soft, sustaining, and full sostenuto.