The 165th Anniversary of Steinway & Sons was Recorded on March 5th in the House of Representatives!


(Extensions of Remarks – March 05, 2018)

[Page E257]

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                          HON. JOSEPH CROWLEY

                              of new york

                    in the house of representatives

                         Monday, March 5, 2018

  Mr. CROWLEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the 165th 
anniversary of a Queens treasure, and one of the world's most iconic 
brands--Steinway & Sons.
  Steinway makes world-renowned pianos, distinguished for their 
grandness and masterful craftsmanship. Each piano consists of more than 
12,000 individual parts, and is said to have its own musical character 
as unique as the individual who plays it. These magnificent works of 
art, I am proud to say, are made in my district.
  The Steinway legacy dates back to 1853, when Heinrich Engelhard 
Steinway founded Steinway & Sons in New York, a few years after 
emigrating from Germany. The high quality and meticulous craftsmanship 
of Steinway's pianos led to rapid growth for the business and the 
opening of a factory in Queens. Along with the factory, the Steinway 
family established a company town, Steinway Village, which spurred 
development in the neighborhoods that are today known as Astoria and 
Long Island City in Queens, and they spread their family values of 
investing in community. The philanthropic work of the Steinway family 
endures today throughout Queens and New York City.
  That same factory, which first opened in the early 1870s, continues 
to operate today. The historic factory has been producing the world's 
finest pianos, virtually uninterrupted, for more than 145 years. Today, 
the factory employs over 300 union craftspeople, and many more people 
in management, administrative and sales roles in New York and 
throughout America. Steinway & Sons is an American success story, 
integral not only to the history of the borough of Queens and New York 
City, but also to the cultural story of the United States of America. 
It is a jewel that elevates American craftsmanship and innovation 
throughout the world.
  As a lifelong musician and a son of Queens, it is with great pride 
that I celebrate the 165th anniversary of the world's number one piano, 
New York's very own Steinway & Sons.